New Burzum album imminent.

I have to admit I’m pretty damn excited about hearing some new music from Varg Vikernes now that he’s finally out of the slammer.  And unlike most “metal journalists” out there, you won’t hear any of the usual FUNderground whining of “boo hoo, he’s a terrible human being but golly gee, he sure did write some swell music… waaaaah,” from me.  No one really cares whether or not you agree with Vikernes’ actions or political beliefs, especially well over a decade after the murder of Euronymous and the church arsons in Norway.  I sure as hell don’t.  What I do care about is hearing some more Burzum, and whether or not the new album will live up to the legacy of the classic pre-incarceration material.

Anyway, the title of the new Burzum album has changed from Den Hvite Guden (The White God) to Belus (another name for the norse god Baldr) and should be seeing the light of day on March 8th, 2010.

You can read all the details at the official Burzum website.


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