Danzig – Deth Red Sabaoth

I’ve always been a huge Danzig fan, ever since the first time I heard him while in junior high.  Imagine being a budding metal-obsessed teenager and discovering a dude who looks like Wolverine, sings songs about evil, hell and the devil in a voice that sounds like a cross between Elvis, Jim Morrison and Roy Orbison, uses kick-ass artists like HR Giger and Simon Bisley for his album covers, and fills his videos with big breasted, scantily-clad tarts (“She Rides”, “Her Black Wings” the original “Mother” clip), gimps (“It’s Coming Down”) and 12ft tall drum-risers (“Mother ’93).  Basically, Danzig represented everything that fascinated me in those younger years rolled into a heavy-ass package of metallic devil blues.

Although some of his later albums haven’t quite been up to par (I’m looking at you I Luciferi), 2004’s Circle of Snakes was a step back in the right direction and  I always look forward to a new release. Danzig’s latest album is called Deth Red Sabaoth and will be released on June 22 through Evilive/The End.  According to the press release, Prong leader Tommy Victor played guitar on the album.  The cover art is pictured above.

Read all about it HERE.

While we’re at it, here’s the video for “She Rides”, definitely NSFW.


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