Devils Poison, the second full length album from Australia’s Vomitor, is the gnarliest album you’re going to hear in 2010.  End of story.  The band assaults the senses with a raging, toxic style of death-thrash that is simply sick and disgusting beyond any other metal album you could hope to pollute your ears with this year.  I got in touch with vocalist/guitarist Death Dealer to briefly discuss the total filth ‘n’ fury that is Vomitor.

THKD: Tell me about the new album, Devils Poison. What were the circumstances surrounding its creation?

Death Dealer: Its fast and heavy, raw and evil, Total Death Metal, the gates opened and the nightmare begins.

THKD: How did you manage to achieve such a raw, filthy sound for Devils Poison?

DD: That is our sound, the guy who records us knows how to translate it to the tapes.

THKD: The lead guitar work is especially sick sounding! What was the equipment setup for this?

DD: EQs, flangers, wahs, 2 crate amps, madness and a wild tremolo.

THKD: What are some of the main lyrical concepts behind Devils Poison?

DD: Satan, Hate, Christian death, sex, nuclear extermination of planet stench.

THKD: What is the “Devil’s Poison”?

DD: Stinky Pussy.

THKD: How would you describe Vomitor’s songwriting methods?

DD: I usually have most of the riffs in my head when we hit the rehersal room, I show the guys and we start jammin’, lyrics are usually written for the song afterwards, but sometimes old lyrics will fit.

THKD: Several of the songs on Devils Poison have appeared on prior Vomitor demo and ep releases. What made you decide to re-record them?

DD: Cause they were demo recordings, plus they were going to be on this album all along, time did not change this decision… now they are complete the way we wanted them.

THKD: Your last album, Bleeding the Priest, was released in 2002. Why such a lengthy delay between albums?

DD: Line-up changes, drinking, playing shows, I guess time just flies when you’re having fun.

THKD: You guys are veterans of several other well-known Australian metal bands (Gospel of the Horns, Spear of Longinus, Bestial Warlust, etc). How does what you did in those bands inform your work with Vomitor?

DD: It gave us a lot of recording experience and also gig experience, so when we formed this band everything fell together very easily, we have a lot of band years under our belts.

THKD: From afar, the Australian metal scene appears to be brimming with killer bands. Is it really as amazing as it seems to us outsiders?

DD: I think the scene here is very strong, lots of cool speed/death/black bands to see every week, some weeks in our city there is 2 metal shows a week.

THKD: Vomitor’s sound largely harkens back to the underground metal of the 1980s. Who are some of your primary influences from that era?

DD: Definitely Sodom, old Morbid angel, old Sepultura, Azagthoth(UK), Possessed, Blasphemy, old Kreator, Voor, Infernal Death(US), Sarcofago’s 1st album etc etc, most raw and evil stuff.

THKD: You guys have been doing this since the late ’90s, now it seems like there is a resurgence of “real” death and thrash metal going on. Why did it take so long for everyone else to catch up to what Vomitor has been doing for over a decade?

DD: Cause they don’t want to die by Death

THKD: Major underground bands such as Watain and Gorgoroth have heaped praise on Vomitor in print. How do you feel about this?

DD: Certainly better than them heaping shit on us hahaha, glad they dig it.

THKD: Will you be doing any touring behind Devil’s Poison? Any chance you’ll ever make it to the US?

DD: Yes, we are touring in Europe in may/june 2010, and in negotiation at the moment to tour northand south America in oct/nov 2010, see you metal freaks on the road.

THKD: What does the rest of 2010 have in store for Vomitor?

DD: Drinking, touring, writing, limousines, jets and chicks haha!

THKD: Are there any final thoughts you’d like to add?

DD: Thanx for the support brother, may women never say no.

One thought on “Interview: VOMITOR

  1. This new album of theirs has such a strange sound. It’s ultra-tight and very dry…I like the production just because it’s different, not many albums sound like that. IMO these guys are great at what they do…Australia has so many cool bands coming up now…


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