RIP Peter Steele (1962 – 2010)

So, I’m a little late in writing on this, but news of Peter Steele’s untimely passing came to me while I was away on my honeymoon.  Oddly enough, my wife and I were listening to Type O Negative’s Bloody Kisses album as we got ready to leave town.

Though I admittedly never really listened to Steele’s previous bands (Carnivore, Fallout), I’ve been a fan of Type O Negative for many years, hearing their single “Black No. 1” at a young and impressionable age and being quite enamored with their gothic and depressive yet blackly humorous take on metal. I only got to see the band once, alongside Cradle of Filth and Moonspell… how we managed to get that show here in the bowels of the midwest is beyond me, but Type O’s set was easily the highlight of the evening.

There is no way that I can write a better testimonial to Steele’s greatness than those who knew the man personally, so I encourage you all to visit the band’s official website at, to read statements from his fellow Type O bandmates and family.

However, I will list my top 10 favorite Type O Negative songs, in no particular order.

1. Black No. 1
2. Christian Woman
3. Summer Breeze (Seals and Crofts Cover)
4. Wolf Moon
5. Haunted
6. The Profits of Doom
7. Black Sabbath (From the Satanic Perspective)
8. Unsuccessfully Coping with the Natural Beauty of Infidelity
9. Less Than Zero
10. Everyone I Love is Dead

“Please don’t dress in black
When you’re at his wake
Don’t go there to mourn
But to celebrate”
-from “I Don’t Wanna Be Me”


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