VIDEO: Behemoth – Alas, Lord is Upon Me (Uncensored)

Behemoth’s music videos of late have been delightfully, unapologetically over the top. Their latest clip for “Alas, Lord is Upon Me” from last year’s Evangelion is no exception.  You know the drill; breasts, blood and blasphemy, but Behemoth presents these tried ‘n’ true metal visual accoutrements in a way that is at least somewhat fun and interesting to watch.  Besides, anything is better than yet another drab performance clip.  There aren’t too many bands out there doing much of anything to justify the existence of music videos in the post-“real MTV” era (by “real MTV” era, I mean back when the channel was relevant and actually had quite a bit to do with music), but at least Behemoth are giving it a shot.  I also recommend their equally entertaining video for “Ov Fire and the Void”, which features Nergal and the boys feasting on angel’s wings.

In other Behemoth-related news, frontman Nergal was recently rushed to the hospital, to be treated for an undisclosed illness.  This has forced the band to cancel all upcoming tour activities.  THKD wishes Nergal a speedy recovery.


5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Behemoth – Alas, Lord is Upon Me (Uncensored)

  1. Yeah.

    It took me a little while to get into the new Deiphago. It’s just so overwhelming at first…I still like the album before that more.


  2. Yeah.

    One listens to stuff like Whitehouse, Brighter Death Now, Taint (especially), Prurient, etc. and it really puts this kind of metal music in perspective. Rock music’s ability to shock (or even change anything) was negated and absorbed a long, long time ago. Reified and sold on a t-shirt. 😉 Now it’s just lifestyle and the trading of cliches, even the “shock” or “offense” RE: ability to pierce beliefs or assumptions is simply a simulation. What’s “shocking” these days is simply believing something, having convictions that aren’t cast aside ASAP when money, drugs, “new” experiences, profit, fake glory, etc. are offered. Integrity is the most rebellious thing of all now…


  3. I can’t take that site seriously. They either have no idea what they’re talking about or they’re just cheerleading for the bigger labels. Pathetic.

    RE: posturing, I guess you’re right. I was listening to the new Profanatica last night and I was wondering, “Who the hell would think this stuff is actually evil or scary?” Maybe 12 year old diehard Catholic girls…I have no idea. I think “evil” music is as silly as the dogmatic religions it supposedly attacks. I mean…if you want to reflect real evil in this world sing about capitalist exploitation or, say, African genocide? Ugh…but I guess that’s not the point, it’s all about fake/occult “evil”, a certain aesthetic. Even in that sense the entire thing has been so thoroughly run into the ground that it’s simply boring. One gets tired of all the posturing though, yes.

    I have no idea what kids listen to these days. I don’t want to know. 😉


  4. I know this a typical post-9/11 silly BM comment/cliche, but all of this posturing of being “evil” or whatever…does it really work on anyone? All of these failed Catholic/Crowley, etc tropes have been run into the ground/dead horsed and then pounded… 😉 We need new cultural archetypes for “evil.”

    RE: the music, though…you see as these bands get more money how they always go towards the operatic. IMO it’s completely Wagnerian and thus utterly shallow, it all bottoms out in silly Nazi marches.

    My favorite thing about Behemoth is watching their videos and seeing how their headbanging/windmilling and stage movements are choreographed…it’s really cute. I wonder how long they practice that.


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