What’s that you say?  You’ve never heard of Aanal Beehemoth?!  Actually, I’m not surprised.  Their sole album, 2008’s excellent Forest Paranoid, flew largely under the radar, garnering very little coverage in spite of  its filthy, blackened punk brilliance.  That year, I interviewed the band for my Dethroned Emperor column at the now-defunct Sonic Frontiers website, and named Forest Paranoid as one of my favorite albums of 2008.

But where are they now?  The last time I got an e-mail from Aanal Beehemoth, they promised me that they were working on a second/final album called Nekropunk, and sent me an mp3 that sounded like someone farting through some effects boxes.  That was at least two years ago.  I recently tried to e-mail them, but this time got no response.  I contacted Suffering Jesus Productions, and they advised me that one of the members of Aanal Beehemoth had joined a pop punk band (I refuse to include a link to said band because it just bums me out).

Aanal Behemoth may have been a joke, but if that’s the case then I guess the joke was (and still is) on me.  I enjoy the hell out of Forest Paranoid, regardless of how un-kvlt it might be.  So without further ado, I present my interview with Deathly Fightar and Crazy Bomber, just as it appeared at Sonic Frontiers.

From Satanic Warmaster to Sargeist to Circle of Ouroborus, Finland is far from lacking when it comes to producing black metal that is filthy, fucked up, and utterly unique.  But the country’s weirdest export might just be the self-described “nekro punk” practitioners of Aanal Beehemoth. Comprised of principal members Crazy Bomber and Deathly Fightar, the band sounds like nothing short of Darkthrone doing heroin in a scum-ridden Detroit back-alley with The Stooges.

Sure, many bands out there of late have developed an interest in combining black metal with elements of ’60s psychedelia, but Aanal Beehemoth takes a different approach, eschewing hallucinogenic drug-addled atmosphere in favor another aspect of that era’s music, the rough and tumble proto punk frenzy of bands like the aforementioned Stooges, The MC5 or the New York Dolls. By mixing snotty attitude with a seriously dark and grimy sound, the Finnish duo accomplish something that ninety-nine percent of black metal bands aren’t capable of. Quite simply, Aanal Beehemoth rocks.

Desperately wanting to find out more about this unholy duo’s rancid cocktail of blackened garage filth, I sought them out via that stronghold of true grimness known as myspace. To be honest I am not sure whether it was Crazy Bomber or Deathly Fightar (or both?) that answered this e-mail interrogation, hence all answers are attributed simply to Aanal Beehemoth.

Josh Haun: For readers who might not be familiar, how did Aanal Beehemoth form? What were your intentions in starting the band?

Aanal Beehemoth: To put end to this over-aged teenagers’ boredom and make a couple of moist kult recordings. Basically we are form of Satan, reflection of hell. We started out playing sizzling hot and exciting jam sessions at a poltergeist apartment and ghouls came and everybody got a brain damage now.

JH: The band’s name sounds like a mash-up of Anaal Nathrakh and Behemoth. Is this at all accurate of am I way off the mark?

AxB: Never heard of ’em. We just wanted a name which best describes our sound, feeling and attitude. AxB was the nastiest and meanest of them all. Total berserk! Satan ge mig få makt!

JH: Is Aanal Beehemoth a black metal band?

AxB: It depend on who is asking. If it was some true hotpants neo-nazi penguin molo who’s offering his piss filled Suki Suki to me, we’d have to say NO thanks – we’re not. But that doesn’t mean we’re pussies ‘cos we are Aanal, the most bueno, the Most Evil shit. Aanal is more like evil influenced psychotropic pseudo-music. Yep… that’s it and no thanks. We’re nekro punk garage helvete straight from the forest.

JH: What were the circumstances surrounding the writing and recording of your debut album, Forest Paranoid?

AxB: At the time we were poor students, we dug up food from garbage cans and ate lichen and berries from the woods and swamps. Unfortunately we didn’t have money for a real studio so we had to do everything with old aanalog 4-track tape recorder and two crappy microphones. We recorded all that stuff right to the cassette tape in one short day. Self made fuzz boxes and guitars gave us total killerbee tone. Most of the songs and Krazy Bömber’s exorcism were improvised.

JH: What made you decide to offer Forest Paranoid as a free download?

AxB: Why poor people cannot enjoy good shit for free? We are not in it for money or shiny bollox stardom. This is total True Nekro and it is our mission to spread Satan’s bottomless well of glory to all the apes and shits out there and internet is good for that. We would do it from door to door like mormons or some other maniacs but we got no bicycle helmets or golden submarine.

JH: You’re also planning to release Forest Paranoid on CD through Suffering Jesus. Are you at all worried that no one will buy the CD since its been available as a free download for so long?

AxB: Not worried ‘cos it sounds better on the official piece of plastic and the covers look totally professional big buck production. Hardest wankers, biggest perverts and record collectors like Mary of Suffering Jesus can buy two copies of the cd and masturbate over the shrinkwrapped one many times during nocturnal satanic rituals keeping the other one safe from bodyfluids.

JH: What is your relationship with the Finnish black metal scene?

AxB: We don’t care about that posse just like we don’t care about anyone else’s gangbanging circlejerkers and holos. We don’t do anything vegan-atheists wouldn’t do, except worship evil. Aanal enjoy chrystals and respect from the Belzebub himself. Bigtime!

JH: Your sound has strong black metal elements, but I also detect ’60 garage rock and proto-punk influences such as the Stooges. Do you find those types of bands inspiring?

AxB: Hell yeah! Beside the usual krustpunk misery we’re digging that kind of music unlike some lame Hair-y-pussy-Metal. Dragonwankers and leather losers can come out of their closets and throw their plastic hammers and swords right back to the toybox. The Sonics, the Stooges and 60’s punk like that rules. We just keepin’ it cool.

JH: According your bio, Forest Paranoid was recorded back in October 2007. Have you been working on any new material?

AxB: Yes! We just recorded a whole bunch of new originals with new slaves at a session named Nekro Punk. This time Deathly Fightär gave drum duties to Kola Hoover and moved himself to banging the guitar. Hård Kikkelson joined on bass and Crazy Bömber did the nekro spelling and lost his mind on guitar. This one’s gonna be very snotty and groovy total garagerockmayhem. Also this hard hitting ass punisher will be available to all the maggots out there as soon as it’s ready.

JH: Is Aanal Beehemoth a live band? Will you be playing any shows in support of the album?

AxB: Yeah, we gonna do some shows with Kola & Hård and some other knarkars when the Forest Paranoid is out. Vi rider med svin sexhundrasextiosex kilometer per timma och sniffa en illuktande fjärt från cyckling rumpa. Oujee. Keep on rocking!!! Hiivavittu

You can check out samples of Forest Paranoid and find links to download the album in its entirey via the band’s official myspace (http://www.myspace.com/aanalbeehemoth). The plastic version should be out sometime this Fall on Suffering Jesus Productions.

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