The Ash Eaters

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that I consider The Ash Eaters mastermind UA a friend.  We’ve developed a correspondence that if memory serves goes back to a review I wrote of his previous project Brown Jenkins’ swan song, Death Obsession, for the now-defunct Sonic Frontiers site.

Even if we weren’t pen pals, I’d still be a fan of his music, especially his guitar playing.  UA’s guitars are alive.  They swarm and sing like a horde of locusts. They’re somehow melodic and dissonant at the same time, heavy and brittle and biting and hazy. His music, although certainly blackened, isn’t black metal, per se… it brings to mind visions of Varg Vikernes pistol-whipping Robert Smith and Daniel Ash in an abandoned cellar while Geordie Walker chain-smokes in the corner.  This is manic music with a bizarre pop sensibility.  It sticks to your ribs as it attempts to shatter them.

Cold Hearts is the inaugural demo from The Ash Eaters.  It is three songs, twenty-five odd minutes of instrumental delerium.  Although I miss UA’s Cthulhu-with-black-lung vocals from the Brown Jenkins era, his guitar-work and songwriting are compelling enough on their own.  If you’re familiar with Death Obsession, you’ll recognize Cold Hearts as similar, yet taken many steps forward from both a playing and compositional perspective.

I could go on, but I’d rather let you hear the music for yourselves.  You can listen to and download the Cold Hearts demo for free from The Ash Eaters bandcamp page HERE.  Or download it for free via mediafire HERE.


8 thoughts on “The Ash Eaters

  1. >A direct dialogue between listeners and the artist.

    Without people listening to the music I would just be screaming at my cat…and he’s never impressed by anything…

    And I like talking to other people who like the same music I do. 😉


  2. @UA
    I just got a chance to Listen to The Ash Eaters demo and I am loving it, man! Definitely can’t wait until the new album! Make sure Josh posts something about it when the time comes, haha.


  3. @Brendan: thanks, and I’m glad you liked the Jenkins stuff. 😉

    RE: this new demo, it’s old now…but I guess it’s the beginning of the “new style” for us? Wait ’til you hear the first album.

    You can download the (lossless) WAVs or FLACs on the bandcamp page, I believe, you don’t have to go with the mp3s.

    I’ll always think of our music as simply “rock” but it’s impossible to deny I love black metal or haven’t been massively influenced by it. 🙂 But with me, as a guitarist, it’s always going to be as much about postpunk/’80s pop as it is “metal.”



  4. Hey UA, I checked out Brown Jenkins recently and was absolutely floored by it. I haven’t been able to find many black metal bands that I like and although this isn’t black metal it still fills that niche I was looking for. Downloading The Ash Eaters as we speak and I can’t wait to listen to it.


  5. Brown Jenkins was unique and interesting, one of my most-listened bands. I’ve been anxiously waiting for new sounds from The Ash Eaters – seems like it was worth the wait. Although I appreciate Brown Jenkins’ dedication to hazy, nightmare riffs, and these songs certainly still have those in spades, there are new elements and variations here which are fucking triumphant. And, variation or not, the guitar work is unmistakable. Cheers, UA, for making this available, and THKD for getting the word out.


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