Thanks to you, the loyal readers, 2011 was the best year ever for That’s How Kids Die. I can’t believe the great response the blog has gotten over the course of the last year, and I’m honored that so many of you are willing to take time out of your days and nights to read my incoherent ramblings on all things heavy metal.

So, in the spirit of giving something back to you, the readers, and to kick off another year of THKD with a bang, I am proud to announce our first ever giveaway!


The grand prize is a limited edition THKD t-shirt.  These shirts were limited to a pressing of less than 20 copies, professionally silkscreened with plasticol ink on Gildan brand shirts and feature custom-designed artwork by Gary Rasmussen. [Please note, shirts are size large only]

In addition to the shirt, the grand prize winner will receive a mystery pack of goodies from the THKD bunker’s archives.

2ND PRIZE: One second prize winner will receive a t-shirt.

Here’s what you need to do in order to enter the contest:  In the comments section below, tell THKD what your favorite metal album of 2011 was and what metal album you’re most looking forward to in 2012.  Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered into the giveaway, and two winners will be drawn at random.  Entries will be accepted until 01/16/2012 and winners will be announced the evening of 01/19/2012 via the blog as well as Facebook and Twitter.  Winners will be notified directly via e-mail.  The giveaway is open to all, but please only one entry per person.

Thanks again and good luck!!!



  1. 2011: toss up between Esoteric – “Paragon of Dissonance” and Tuukaria – “Raw To The Rapine”

    2012: Neurosis and Pallbearer – “Sorrow and Extinction”


  2. Fav Metal Album Of 2011: Tombs – Path Of Totality (it might be impossible to get away from this album on year end lists everywhere, but that won’t stop me from going the “kvlt route” with something obscure and deny this record the credit it is due)

    Looking forward to in 2012: New Gorguts, Meshuggah and Neurosis for a three-way tie 😛


  3. 2011 marked the true return of Benicia bangers Autopsy…and it was a nice effort, although the best Autopsy album may have been “Back from the Funeral” from PA’s Mausoleum!!! 2011 belonged to Athens’ Ravencult with their “Morbid Blood’ opus.
    2012 has the Relapse debut of Hooded Menace, and I am intrigued by Derketa’s reformation(yes , I am old school, dammit!) and perhaps a new full-length from Nunslaughter. No matter, every year is great for metal!!!


  4. Oh well, I do like goodies, even if I am too fat for a t-shirt. Maybe if I win, I will sell it, and donate the proceeds towards a charitable cause like the Commando Sandoval health fund or whatever it’s called.

    Anyway, here is my entry.

    Favorite release of 2011 was “The Valley Path” by USX

    Most anticipated for this year (so far) is Undersmile’s debut “Narwhal” … although I have to admit I am also really curious to see if the new Black Sabbath thing ever happens, and if so, what it will sound like.


  5. 2011
    Exhumed: All Guts, All Glory (Remember when metal was about headbanging?!? I had forgotten too, until this.)

    My Dying Bride (2009’s Lies I Sire was the first album that could be called gothic that I took seriously in 15+ years and I still enjoy it tremendously/regularly. But there’s been 3 interim releases of garbage since then. Can they impress again with a full length? I’m dying to see.)


  6. Favourite metal album of 2011. There are several albums I liked a lot and I find it hard to prioritize them. So I’ll just go with one I currently listen to a lot: *Shels – Plains of the Purple Buffalo

    Most anticipated metal album of 2012. Again, there are several, but I’ll mention these: Ufomammut, Hypno5e, Paradise Lost, Ihsahn and Borknagar


  7. 2011: Inquisition
    2012: “…” Er, not been paying much attention to release schedules – Electric Wizard maybe… Immortal are working on a new one too…

    Additionally, sweet though that t-shirt is, I’d pay good money for one that was just your skull mask mascot & THKD logo – where *is* that image from?


  8. Shit… you didn’t care for my favorite of 2011… Primordial “Redemption at the Puritan’s Hand”… and I’ve heard rumors of a new Cobalt album, I’m hoping for that in 2012.


  9. 2011: Yob – “Atma”: Doom metal might be a stagnant pond, filled with guys in Kylesa shirts playing rehashed Sabbath riffs…in fact, there’s no real way to hopefully end that sentence, at least without mentioning Yob. Mike Scheidt’s expansive, riff-laden, unique take on doom metal is by far the best thing to happen to the United States doom-influenced scene since Scott Kelly (who has a few cameos on this album) first detuned his guitar.

    2012 IS A TIE: Neurosis – “TBA”: Isn’t it fucking obvious? If Mayans destroy the world next December, I will die listening to this motherfucking album.
    Horseback – “Half Blood”: I’ve heard from Mr. Miller himself that “Half Blood” will be an experimental freakout, not only drawing from his indicative, subdued psychedelic doom metal sound, but also such distant styles as slowcore, as seen on his track “Blood Fountain,” and even heavy power electronics. This is going to piss off quite a few people, and excite even more. Jenks Miller knows what’s up.


  10. Best of 2011 is a draw between Crowbar’s “Sever The Wicked Hand” and Gates Of Slumber “The Wretch”. Fave of 2012 will probably be the new Saint Vitus.


  11. 2011: The Devil’s Blood – The Thousandfold Epicentre
    2012: whatever the new Neurosis album is called. Or the new Darkthrone, I understand they’ve started laying some stuff down.


  12. Really enjoyed THKD this year, it’s one of a handful of music blogs I regularly come back to. Looking forward to seeing what 2012 brings.

    Best of 2011: Book of Black Earth – The Cold Testament
    2012: Baroness


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