THKD First Listen: Wylve / The Rain in Endless Fall

Last month, I covered a demo tape from an excellent raw black metal band known as Blut Der Nacht. Not long after, I was contacted by Mike, the owner of BDN’s label, Fallen Empire Records. Mike told me that BDN also had a couple of side projects up their sleeves that he was planning on releasing. Needless to say, I was eager to hear what else these musicians were capable of, so I waited patiently for any scrap of information regarding these projects.

The wait is over. Fallen Empire have released two limited edition tapes featuring Wylve and The Rain in Endless Fall, the unholy spawn of BDN’s members. Very different than the furiously concise, scathing violence that is BDN, both Wylve and TRIEF explore the more hypnotic, ambient sides of black metal, w/o sacrificing any of BDN’s raw darkness. I especially enjoy the eerie atmosphere of TRIEF.  I’d say more, but I’d much rather let the music speak for itself.

An exclusive preview track featuring songs from both of these excellent demos can be heard below.

Both tapes are out now and available directly from Fallen Empire. The first press is limited to just thirty-three copies of each, and I’m told is already well on it’s way to selling out after just one day of release. Once these are completely gone, a final pressing of thirty-three combining both releases w/ alternate artwork will be released. For those not down w/ cassettes, both demos will be available in MP3 form at Svn Okklt blog as a free download shortly.


6 thoughts on “THKD First Listen: Wylve / The Rain in Endless Fall

  1. @Filipe

    I wouldn’t go that far. I think this bands have a better sounds than them. more true metal. just my opinion.


  2. These are great releases.
    I once saw the rain in endless fall play a candle lit show in a forest.
    Bummed the tapes sold out.


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