Crebain releases “Vienna” single

I first discovered Bay Area black metal band Crebain via a split CD he did w/ Leviathan back in 2004, instantly becoming enamored with multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/mastermind Ancalagon the Black’s abrasive yet catchy take on traditional black metal.  Whereas so many USBM bands are all about atmosphere, Crebain is all about THE RIFF; just listen to “Cold Black Heart” from the aforementioned Leviathan split or “Darkness Be My Bride” from the equally awesome Night of Stormcrow demo for proof of Ancalagon’s mastery of scathing six-string malignance.  Moribund Cult’s website stated that they were set to release a Crebain full length, and I patiently waited…

But the full length never materialized; for all intents and purposes, it appeared that Crebain had disappeared back into the shadows from which it came.  I assumed Crebain would be remembered as one of those bands that released a small handful of excellent material and then dropped off the face of the Earth forever.

Fastforward to 2012 and it appears that Crebain has risen from the grave just in time for the Rapture.  On 07/21/12 Ancalagon posted the first new Crebain recording in eight years to his Bandcamp page, a cover of Ultravox’s classic “Vienna.”  The cover is faithful to the haunting spirit of the original, but Ancalagon puts his own blackened stamp on it, bringing that razor-sharp riffage that’s been MIA for all these years.  The Crebain Facebook page states that the single was “done as a promo for upcoming Crebain activity,” so here’s to hoping there’s a lot more where this came from… I don’t want to wait another eight years!

You can stream “Vienna” below.  Be sure to go to Crebain’s Bandcamp page, where you can download the track for free as well as stream and download tracks from the band’s entire discography.


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