Expurgate – Dementia Tremens (Comatose Music, 2013)

Expurgate - Dementia Tremens 5x5 300dpiExpurgate have been brutalizing the planet since 2010, but are just now getting around to releasing Dementia Tremens, their first full length via Comatose Music. What we have here is a textbook example of slamming death metal, replete with vocals that sound like a pig being sodomized with a sewer pipe, a reliance on crushing, molasses-like tempos and song titles like “Fermented Concubine Ingurgitation” and (my personal favorite) “40 oz. Facefuck.” Sick shit to be sure, but well-crafted sick shit.

As I’ve mentioned before, a lot of the slam I’ve sampled sounds like complete ass, robbing the music of the skull-caving heaviness it requires to get the point across. This is not the case with Dementia Tremens; the production quality here is top notch, allowing the slams to do their job, which is of course to turn you into a slobbering neanderthal motherfucker that wants to kill or fuck (or both) everything in the general vicinity. This is well-produced/written/played music, but it is music designed to tickle the lizard brain into overdrive, to draw out the ugliest, basest of human emotions.

Clocking in at just 22:45, Expurgate are proponents of the get in, kill-fucking-everyone, get out school of death metal; most individual songs are under three minutes. This is a wise choice on the band’s part; the tracks are completely devoid of fat, solely focused on fucking you up, and as a result the album doesn’t get stale or repetitive, it doesn’t have time to. In fact, Delerium Tremens is one of the few slamming death metal recordings I’ve heard that leaves me wanting more.

Expurgate have vomited up a gnarly little slab of slam with Dementia Tremens. It’s filthy, twisted and heavy as all get out; the perfect soundtrack to corpse molesting, mass murder or just a good ol’ fashioned ass-kicking. It’s also a hell of a lot of fun.



4 thoughts on “Expurgate – Dementia Tremens (Comatose Music, 2013)

  1. Yeah, I suppose 30 minutes as a dividing line is history. I guess it depends on the individual band and how they decide to market their release. If this type of death metal is 20-30 minutes with no frills, then so be it. As I said in my first comment, it beats 70 minutes.


  2. @big_red01027 – well, that’s one of the age old debates; Reverend Bizarre puts out Harbinger of Metal, which is over and hour long and calls it an EP, Gridlink puts out Orphan, which is 12:08 of music and calls it a full length album. Does it just depend on the style the band is playing? Is it in the eye of the beholder? Where does one draw the line?

    I’ve been listening to quite a bit of slam death metal lately and it seems that many of these bands put out albums that hover around the 20 – 30 minute mark; it’s definitely not uncommon for this subgenre.

    @Expurgate – thanks for stopping by and weighing in, hope you guys dig the review! I can definitely respect a band skipping the pleasantries of intros/outros/samples/etc and just going straight for the throat. I wish more bands would follow your lead. Thank you for the additional insight.


  3. Technically yeah, most brutal death metal albums out now have even less music than 22:45. But they have long sampled intro’s and outros to the album that are obvious filler, and samples in between. We decided to leave out the samples or into/outro just to give a raw blast in your ears.


  4. While I’m glad bands (for the most part) no longer think they have to put out 70 minutes of music to constitute a “full-length”, 22:45 is a bit short. That’s an EP.


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