Exclusive album stream: The Beyond – Frostbitepanzerfuck

PrintIn a time when both black metal and punk rock are about as threatening as a switchblade comb, The Beyond are bringing back the danger and showing us how to get rude, crude and evil as hell with their debut full length, Frostbitepanzerfuck, which is being released tomorrow by the mighty Horror Pain Gore Death Productions (you can purchase the CD HERE).  From the gnarly Murder Junkies-esque assault of “Roto-Cunt” to the zombified crawl of “Exterminate Humanity,” the album is a twenty-eight minute lesson in violence that wastes no time in slitting your throat and sodomizing the bloody corpse.

THKD is excited to present an exclusive stream of Frostbitepanzerfuck in its entirety; you can find the stream after the jump, as well as a brief interview with vocalist/guitarist Danny Starkiller.  Enjoy or die.

THKD: What can you tell us about the writing and recording of Frostbitepanzerfuck? What did you set out to accomplish as a band with this album? How did you hook up with Horror Pain Gore Death Productions for the release?

Danny Starkiller: Well, I wrote most of the songs on Frostbitepanzerfuck around the time that I wrote the songs that are on our first CD, the Blood Meridian/ The Beyond split CD. This being our third release, we mainly wanted to just get a full length album out there. We currently have more than enough songs for 2 new releases and then some; the first of them being the Pussy Warlock EP, which as it stands now we want to do on 12 inch vinyl, and the second being a sophomore album. I heard about Horror Pain Gore Death through some friends out in Philadelphia, which is where the label is based out of. Mike Juliano, from HPGD is a great guy, and really easy to work with. We plan to continue working with him in the future.

THKD: The Beyond’s music crosses over into many different styles on Frostbitepanzerfuck, from black metal and doom to punk rock. Was there a conscious effort to blend these styles together or is it merely a natural byproduct of your individual tastes and influences?

DS: It’s pretty natural, but intentional. I’ve been in punk bands and metal bands so influences definitely come from both ends of the spectrum.

THKD: On Frostbitepanzerfuck you guys cover GG Allin’s “Cunt Sucking Cannibal.” How has Allin’s work and legacy influenced what you’re doing in The Beyond?

DS: Haha, a good portion of the lyrics that I write are inspired by GG’s lyrics, I’ve been a big GG fan since I was really young.

PrintTHKD: One thing I love about the album is that it sounds genuinely dangerous and offensive, both musically and lyrically. Is making threatening music a lost art?

DS: Certainly not, if it’s done right. I think there is a certain degree of silliness to our music as well which makes it fun. People are way too serious these days and I’d like for people to get a little bit of a chuckle out of our lyrics as well as saying, “wow, these guys are fucked up.” I think that’s the punk rock side of me coming out. It’s not completely silly, we aren’t wearing spikes and corpse paint to the dinner table with our parents. Haha, the lyrics that I write for the beyond mainly revolve around four different things- rape, drugs, Satan, and horror movies.

THKD: What is your favorite song or moment on Frostbitepanzerfuck and why?

DS: I honestly think each member of the band has a different favorite. If I had to choose a favorite it would probably be “Roto-Cunt.” It’s a really fun song, but in my opinion still seems to stay pretty tough.

THKD: What does the rest of 2013 have in store for The Beyond? Will you be playing any shows in support of the album?

DS: Yeah man, we have a whole bunch of shows set up for spring and summer already. We would like to go on a full blown tour, but as of right now it’s mainly weekenders….Fri/Sat traveling shows. but like I already mentioned, we want to do some more recording in the very near future. If all goes well, we should be releasing the Pussy Warlock EP sometime later this year. Our main goal is to keep cranking the material out at a rapid speed without our music becoming boring and lackluster. Thanks for the kind words in the review you wrote of Frostbitepanzerfuck man!

You can read THKD’s review of Frostbitepanzerfuck HERE.


Many thanks to The Beyond, Clawhammer PR and Horror Pain Gore Death Productions


10 thoughts on “Exclusive album stream: The Beyond – Frostbitepanzerfuck

  1. While listening to this I couldn’t stop laughing while questioning the bearing of my own moral compass. The lyrics are shitty and vile to the point where I’d never be able to share with most of my family and some of my friends. That said, when I finished the album I vomited blood and then shoved a funnel in my girls ass and started pissing in it. Not the regular stuff she’s used to though, this piss was chunky and filled with hate. She then made the request that I never listen to your album again. I’m going to tell all my coworkers about it! You all look evil enough for this music with the exception of the guitarist with the cute hair. He should really be forced to take steroids and weight train or something. Reminds me of a holocaust victim and maybe that’s where his motivation comes from. Not judging just speculating. I’ve seen people fuck goats before so “goat sodomizer” really hits home, fucking radical muslims. Thanks for putting out this album fellas!


  2. I’m not going to argue your points about rape, because they are valid. The thing is, rape has been an unfortunate part of the human race for thousands of years. It is an extreme act of hatred, how would it not fit in with extreme drug use, satanism and murder? Our goal is to offend people, we succeeded in your case. The women in our life just laugh at our song titles and lyrical content . the reviews we are getting have been extremely positive, most are getting that it’s offensive to be offensive, is it childish? Yes! is it a dull concept? Yep. We aren’t trying to be scholars, we’re trying to ruin your day.


  3. My comment was very much also a poke at myself, and perhaps others in my position.

    I tend not to invest in lyrics in metal/rock so much, but when it is hard to ignore, and somewhat offensive, then I will be bothered by it, and I’ll put on my PC/feminist hat on. The same applies to horror movies… I expect my horror to be scary, and not an excuse to see women being fucked up.

    I do it find it concerning that rape is seemingly approachable a topic as “drugs, Satan, and horror movies”. In a male-dominated scene, placed in a male-dominated society, it just seems really, really dull to me. Somehow, and I may be wrong, I don’t think the underlying message of The Beyond’s music is promotion of a fairer, safer society. Similarly, it’s easy to be “tongue-in-cheek” with misogyny, when you aren’t the one being oppressed.


  4. josh as usual hits the nail on the head. our lyrics are made to offend, we want you to question your own moral compass, but you have to see that we are tongue n cheek as well. but in all honesty, what makes what we write different than what people watch in a movie. horror movies glorify murdering and torturing women, yet most probably don’t think the director hates women. we are, in our minds at least, an audio horror movie. if you look at 99% of most punk and metal nowadays, it’s become to cookie cutter and/or complacent. how many bands need to sing about politics, nature, depression, the cosmos and of course killing christians until it just becomes boring. we are an homage to the old ways. we love fucked up horror movies, filthy punk rock and satan loving norwegian black metal. if you stir it up in a pot and then shit in it, you get The BEYOND. cheers!


  5. I’m not very familiar with the GG Allin strain of punk, but I am intrigued by this band’s combination of BM and sleaze punk. Will have to give it a couple listens.


  6. Definitely a complicated issue. I don’t have a developed opinion on it, but for the misogyny stuff (if the level of violence, etc. could be properly captured by the term), my first thought is how it compares to racism, homophobia, antisemitism. I think most metal fans are a lot more hesitant to embrace these. The most obvious example of “complicated relationship” is historic antisemitism in BM–most often accepted for the art behind the message. But if a modern band like The Beyond had an analogous album about raping a black man, the perception would be distinctly different. I don’t think that’s overly PC, I think it would be an awareness of the hateful message.

    Do I advocate limiting the messages? No. Should I be reflexively comfortable with it? No. Obscuring the message through gurgling just makes it easily to be ignorant of it.


  7. @Roger – I think that’s kind of a lazy remark, but given the content of some of The Beyond’s lyrics, it’s one I would still like to address. I’ve always found it interesting that people are fine with metal bands singing about murder and rape as long as it is done in an incomprehensible growl/gurgle/whatever, but the minute you can understand them without looking at a lyric sheet, it’s “hey, these guys hate women!” and the torches and pitchforks come out.

    I don’t think that’s the case here at all. I think it is pretty obvious that The Beyond are coming lyrically from the same place as bands/artists like GG Allin, The Mentors, The Meatmen, etc. It is offensive and threatening, but it’s also very tongue-in-cheek. You could say the same thing about a lot of rap; I was listening to Ice-T rap about bitches yesterday at work, but I know that Ice-T has been married for the past decade and has two children.

    The metal scene has become frightfully PC in the past decade or so, I personally find it refreshing that a band is bringing some of that punk rock nastiness to the table… I think people tend to look back at punk and think it was all about anarchy and rebellion or whatever, but there was definitely a seedier, sleazier underbelly that people tend to want to ignore for whatever reason.


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