10 thoughts on “Where’s THE RIFF?!

  1. “blackened psychedelic extreme championship pig-fucking ultra-drone”
    That quote single-handedly made my day. lmfao


  2. Great article. Sometimes I feel guilty when I get into something new that is catchy and filled with riffs because many others are shitting on it for being ‘retro’ or trashy or something; but fuck that metal can be fun too. I think riffs are one the main things that got most of us into metal in the first place.


  3. Weird parallel that I’m reminded of by your rant: A few months ago I read a book on Nō that somehow wound up in my local thrift shop. It talked about how one doesn’t study a bit of theory, only form. Whatever meaning or substance a work has emerges from a mastery of form/style. Reminds me of western literature as well, from Homer through Terry Pratchett (maybe an odd choice, I know, but I know of no other modern writer for whom style comes so easily). Shit, I’ve got my own protracted rant about beer, comics, and D&D coming on, so I better cut this off now.


  4. First off, this piece deserves a standing ovation.

    While I don’t think he wrote “every riff” out there, Tony Iommi damn sure set the template for a number of metal’s sub-genres.

    As far as the band-that-shall-not-be-named and their failure to embrace the riff…honestly, 2013 just hasn’t been a great year for metal. So far, at least. Aside from Vhol and the excellent new Immolation, there’s not much I’ve heard this year that I’ll be listening to in 5-10 years. It comes down to the fact that there are either no riffs or no good riffs.


  5. Great fucking article. I have this battle all the time. The “they’re doing nothing new” crowd annoys the shit out of me. So what?! So because it may remind you of something from the past you’re going to let it lessen your enjoyment of it? That seems so ass backwards to me. I love the new Enforcer album and to my ears it’s one of the best of the year but some people hate it even if they love that style, just because it’s derivative.

    I appreciate the sentiment of innovation but sometimes you sacrifice something for that innovation.

    Craftsmanship over innovation indeed.


  6. I associate it with a lack of swagger. It seems like modern metal has forgotten how to have fun; with a few exceptions, most bands today write “serious music for serious people.” Interestingly enough, while there has been a paucity of swagger in metal today, I have noticed a resurgence of attitude in the grindcore and hardcore scenes.


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