Body Count – “Talk Shit, Get Shot”

Very, very few bands have ever managed to do rap metal right.  Body Count is one of those few.  Of course, it helps when you’re fronted by one of the most celebrated legit hip hop artists of all time in the form of Ice-T, pretty much the only OG gangsta rapper who’s managed to keep his credibility intact while expanding his brand to include movie and TV roles + a reality show.  The band haven’t put out an album since 2006’s Murder for Hire, but they’re poised to strike back on June 10th with Manslaughter, their debut for Sumerian Records and fifth album overall.

Above is the video for first single “Talk Shit, Get Shot,” and it rules.  The song is as catchy and fun as it is brutal and mosh-worthy, all in a very ’90s way, and the video is hilariously brilliant in its complete and total disregard for anything resembling political correctness.  But rather than sounding dated, Body Count sounds fresh, hungry and ready to fuck shit up, no doubt thanks to an infusion of new blood that includes Agent Steel guitarist Juan Garcia.  Not only is  the track musically tight in way that recalls the most bludgeoning groove metal and metallic hardcore, but Ice proves he can still throw down on the mic in spite of having been away for eight years.

Saying that I’m excited to hear a new Body Count album is just about the last thing I expected to hear myself say in 2014, but “Talk Shit, Get Shot” has me pretty darn pumped for this thing to come out.  In the meantime, I’ll be waiting for the PC police to decide they’re “outraged” by the new song and video, because I could use another laugh after watching hipsters, PMRC moms and yuppies getting gunned down in cold blood.


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