Spü – Deluge (self-released, 2014)


Brooklyn, New York’s Spü is a multi-headed beast; part molten sludge, part scuzzy black metal and part even scuzzier noise rock.  The trio recently self-released Deluge, a genre-blending maelstrom of filth that’s one of the most intriguing debut albums I’ve heard in 2014.  It’s rare that a young band emerges with their sound fully formed, but Spü appear to have done just that with this killer tape.

Deluge is atmospheric, but also bludgeoning.  At times I can’t help but think this is what Mastodon would’ve turned into, had they listened to a shitload of gnarly US black metal and not altered their sound so drastically post-Remission.  The noise rock vibe is also in full effect, bringing an extra helping of hard-grooving ugliness to the table ala Unsane. That Spü are able to take these seemingly incongruous influences and savagely beat them into something coherent is a testament to their craftsmanship.  Sure, their sound hints at the bands I’ve mentioned, but at the same time doesn’t sound quite like anything else out there.

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Colin Marston, who lends the band an appropriately dry, crunchy sound.  Production-wise there aren’t many albums in 2014 that sound like Deluge, perfectly splitting the difference between the brittle droning of black metal and the thick distortion of sludge.  There are bands who profess to be “blackened sludge,” but unlike other bands, Spü actually sound exactly like what I picture that genre tag sounding like in my head.

Spü appear to be flying under the radar at the moment, but if you’re a fan of any of the bands or genres I’ve touched on in this review, you owe it to yourself not to sleep on these guys.  Considering the potential they display here, I wouldn’t be surprised if a label snaps them up shortly.  Deluge is available now directly from the band on cassette or as a digital download via Bandcamp.



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