Backlit 3 / Summer 2014 issue out now!


After much trial and tribulation, I am excited to announce that the Summer 2014 issue of Backlit zine is alive.

Summer 2014
Now available at
Cover Art by Stephen Wilson


Raping Angels in America #4 / Joshua Haun
Unknown Relics: Interview With Stephen Wilson / Brandon Duncan
The Rise And Fall of Stella Natura / Robert Rubsam
Interview With Seidr / Dave Schalek
Doomsday Device #4 / Joshua Haun
Interview With Nick Nunns of Trve Brewing Co. / Dave Schalek
Interview with Lord Time / Joshua Haun
The Rains of Resurrection / Ian Chainey
The Number of the Dead / Alee Karim
The Cellar / Allen Griffin
Enter The Flames: Interview With Dayal Patterson / Dean Brown


Joshua Haun
Brandon Duncan

Contributing Writers:
Dean Brown
Ian Chainey
Robert Rubsam
Joshua Haun
Dave Schalek

Brandon Duncan
Philip Tyson
Spencer Walker
Jaci Raia
Caroline Harrison
Christopher Michon
Joshua Decker


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