Mrs. THKD’s Metal Show Bingo!

metal bingo

While Josh is away on a boring business trip, I have decided to hack into his account and give his readers something from his better half, me.

A few weeks ago, we attended the King Diamond concert in San Francisco and while I was of course excited to see my friends that I have not seen in several years, as well as King Diamond, I have always loved to people watch and will also admit that I am very critical of other people. So why not put those great “skills” to use and make our concert outings even more fun?

When you go to a show, there are always certain people you see and things that happen; you can almost bet on it. Most men don’t pay attention to this, they are usually thinking of boobies, getting drunk and METAL!!!! But us women folk, we multi-task, even when there is a major event, even during sex…yes, sex (sorry guys).

So, I thought that I would give you a little something extra to entertain yourself before, during and after the show. Metal Bingo!!! I know, it sounds lame but I assure you it will entertain you for hours and never gets old.  All of the people and items on this bingo board are things that you would see at any metal show. Of course the smaller, more obscure shows would be harder, but for a show like King Diamond, Megadeth or Slayer, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Download the official THKD Metal Show Bingo card HERE and happy hunting!


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