I remember the future: A look ahead for THKD

lloyd-back-to-the-futureIn 2014, heavy metal wore me out.  Trying to keep up with the seemingly never-ending flood of new releases and developments in the scene while at the same time attempting to allow myself opportunities to enjoy the music purely as a fan finally caught up with me, and for a good chunk of the year, THKD felt more like a chore than like fun.  On top of that, the faux-outrage that lit up my various social media feeds every time someone got their feelings hurt was especially tiresome (although at times entertaining); as exhausted as I am, I can only imagine how exhausting it must be to be offended by everything, or to be convinced that other people are somehow out to ruin heavy metal for you.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the hell out of listening to metal in 2014, I just didn’t enjoy all the bullshit that seemed to go with it; social media was largely a cesspool (nothing new there, but this year seemed extra bad) and I wasn’t always particularly thrilled to be writing about it.  As such, I realized it’s time to expand THKD’s horizons and at the same time take a step back.  I have stated on several occasions that I will NEVER retire, and in order to live up to that promise I must evolve and change.

I will be scaling back my social media presence in 2015, because as much as I enjoy talking to so many of you, there’s also a lot of distracting, ridiculous bullshit floating around out there that simply has no place in my life and adds absolutely nothing to the music I enjoy.  I have no intention of severing ties with the network of awesome people that I’ve come to know and appreciate over the years, it’s just that I won’t be on Facebook and Twitter a zillion times a day.  I need to focus on listening and writing rather than vomiting out 140 character bursts of vanity or posting pictures of all the sweet CDs I get in the mail (although to be honest I might still indulge in the latter from time to time, because I get a lot of awesome shit in the mail).

As far as expanding THKD’s horizons, in late 2014 I began to reacquaint myself with decidedly non-metal sounds ranging from noise/power electronics/death industrial to shoegaze and alternative rock; these are the types of sounds I hope to explore via THKD in 2015.  My taste will always skew towards things that are dark, heavy and extreme, so there’s no doubt in my mind that some of the releases covered will skirt metal’s fringes, in fact it is my hope that I can hit upon some more “out there” metal to both challenge myself and compliment this expansion.  I will continue to cover metal as I always have, but this coverage will be scaled back a bit in order to make time for some of the other great music that’s out there.

I realize this change towards including different styles and genres combined with a decreased internet presence could potentially mean a drop-off in readership; it’s my hope that those of you that have been reading this blog on the regular will be open to being turned on to some different sounds in addition to metal, and that those of you that follow me on social media will be understanding of the need to take a well-deserved breather.  Thank you for your continued support.


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