Torture Corpse

With a name like Torture Corpse, one might expect this project to be brutal death metal, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Instead, this mysterious entity creates blackened noise of the most filthy and disgusting variety; imagine a band playing rudimentary black metal inside a collapsing factory full of malfunctioning, broken down machinery and you’re getting close, or instead of imagining it you could just hit the “play” button on the embed I’ve posted above.  If you do, prepare to have your ears blown out by some truly vile shit that’ll appeal to fans of everything from Merzbow to Xasthur.

Torture Corpse’s online presence is nonexistent; I really wish they’d set up a Bandcamp page, because I’d love to give this a proper review, and as good as this is, paying $10 for their limited cassette release isn’t terribly appealing to me (it’s out now via Sanity Muffin for those w/ deep pockets for obsolete formats).  Either way, do yourself a favor and check out side A of Invocation of Nirrti on Sanity Muffin’s SoundCloud, cuz it’s some seriously nasty business that’s more than worthy of your time.


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