Hiatus (well, sort of)

Alien2-074It’s been a long time coming.  As of October I’ll have been doing the metal blog thang for the better part of six years, with five hundred and eighteen posts published; that averages out to roughly eighty-six posts a year.  I’ve grumbled about it turning into a chore from time to time, but somehow I’ve always managed to power through and rekindle my enthusiasm at the zero hour.  I can’t say exactly when I hit the proverbial wall, but at some point this year it finally happened, which explains why IG has been kind of limping along for some time now.  As such, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to take a break and let the batteries recharge… sort of.

I say “sort of” because I do have some remaining commitments to honor and as a man of my word I have every intention of honoring them.  Labels, if you’ve sent me something in the mail recently or we’ve talked online about a review, you can expect a write-up; I just can’t guarantee how timely they’re going to be.  I also have one last interview I’m working on that I’m actually pretty darn psyched about.  Additionally, I do intend on getting down with some year end list shenanigans when the time comes.

Once those few things have been posted, IG will go into cryosleep, for how long is anyone’s guess.  I’ll also be going (mostly) dark on social media during that time.  To reiterate, this hiatus is only temporary; I’ve said many times that IG will still be here when the dust settles and that I’m in this until I’m in the ground, and that remains true. IG will return stronger than ever, but in order to regain that strength I need some time away to recharge and refocus.

Thanks to everyone who’s read the blog on the regular, shared my posts on social media, sent me stuff to review, talked shit about me publicly (any publicity is good publicity), or supported IG (and its previous incarnation THKD) in any way!  You’re the reason I’m here to stay.


2 thoughts on “Hiatus (well, sort of)

  1. I’ve told myself that I want to start writing about metal more often. You know what? Writing about music is difficult. Props for keeping up with it for so long man, it’s always good to check in and see what you’ve been listening to.


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