New Cystic Dysentery tracks!


Back in 2012, Jacksonville’s Cystic Dysentery released Culture of Death, one of my favorite under-the-radar brutal death metal albums of the last five years. Indeed, the band’s debut displays their oldschool Floridian influences (think Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, etc) while at the same time upping the heaviness factor considerably by mixing in some seriously gnarly Suffocation vibes, twisting those inspirations into a singular BDM assault. After four long years of silence, Cystic Dysentery are finally ready release a follow-up, the long-awaited Homicidal Suicide.

Homicidal Suicide is set to be released later this month through the fine folks at Force Fed Merch (pre-order the CD HERE) and the band have made a trio of advance tracks available via Youtube.  “War Paint” “Exonerate the Guilty” and “Blackened Existence” are as nasty as anything that appeared on Culture of Death, with Cystic Dysentery continuing to exhibit a knack for concise, catchy songs that cram as much destructive force as possible into their brief running times. Check out all three tracks streaming below and prepare yourself for what’s sure to be one of 2016’s best brutal death metal albums.


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