RIP 2009 – 2016

RIP THKD IGIt’s hard to believe I’ve been running this blog for almost seven years.  That’s the longest I’ve ever stuck with any of my creative projects.  But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that nothing lasts forever.  And so it is that effective today, I’m shutting down IG for good.

I’ve been burned out for a long time.  While I’ve lost none of my enthusiasm for heavy metal, my enthusiasm for writing about it has waned significantly over the past few years.  To make matters even more discouraging, readership and comments have also declined and even though I’ve always done this for myself first and foremost, I can’t help but a little discouraged by the significant drop-off.

While I had hoped that giving the site a makeover and changing from THKD to Isolation Grind would reinvigorate me creatively, it simply hasn’t.  Not even taking a much needed three month break from writing did anything to recharge my batteries.  And so it is that I see no other option but to shutter the site for good and move on.  I will be leaving the site up for your reading displeasure, but I will not be renewing the THKD or IG domain names and there will be no new content added.  The Facebook page will remain up for the time being.

I want to end this by saying thanks to everyone that’s supported THKD and IG in any way over the years.  It was appreciated more than you know.


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