Seges Findere – Mortal Grinder (Behold Barbarity, 2016)

What’s this? War metal with good production? On Mortal Grinder, Brazil’s Seges Findere immediately set themselves apart from the current glut of Blasphemy-inspired bands with a very professional sounding recording, as opposed to the murky, chaotic clattering that is so typical of the war metal sub genre. Granted, unlike many of the bullet belt-toting Johnny-come-latelys currently infesting the scene, Seges Findere began life in 1999, so they’ve had nearly two decades to refine their sound, but that doesn’t make Mortal Grinder any less impressive.

Seges Findere mixes equal parts black and death metal with a dash of grindcore’s penchant for cramming as many songs into as short a time as possible. The entirety of Mortal Grinder was written and recorded by sole member and creative force Strigoi Warskin (with help from a session drummer), and his economic approach to songwriting coupled with his precise musicianship makes for an album that launches salvo after unrelenting salvo of hatred and heaviness at the listener. It is an album designed to flatten you, and it succeeds on all fronts.

Blasting through twenty-two songs in less than forty minutes, Seges Findere keep things lean and mean on Mortal Grinder, and the songs themselves are surprisingly dynamic and varied by war metal standards. Of course there comes a point where it all starts to get a little samey-sounding, but this shit is more about the overall devastating effect of the music than it is about songs you can tell apart, and by the time things start to blur together, the album is over with and your fucking face is melted, so it doesn’t matter anyway.

Simply put, if you’re a war metal fanatic, Mortal Grinder is going to roll over you like a battalion of Panzer tanks, crushing your bones to dust, and you’re going to like it. Or die.


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