Bloody hell, has it really been over a year since the last installment of OOB? Seems a little crazy since brutal death metal in all its wondrous guises has long been a major part of THKD’s bread and butter. But rather than lament the fact that these features are few and far between due to the laziness of yours truly over the past few years, let’s delve into what’s new and bludgeoning in the world of brutal death metal, slam, etc…

I had heard much about New York, NY’s Animals Killing People, but I didn’t have a chance to check them out until the fine folks at Sevared Records sent me a copy of their latest album Eat Your Murder as a “thank you” after dealing with a mail order mix-up (long story); after spending some time with the album, I have to say I’ve been missing out on some seriously awesome brutal death/grind.  Eat Your Murder is chaotic, murky and twisted yet highly memorable, and although I’m not a vegan I can still appreciate the band’s message of protecting animal rights and condemning the fast food industry.

After that description you guys are probably thinking Cattle Decapitation, but although Animals Killing People are on something of the same wavelength as the mighty Cattle Decap, their sound owes a lot more to early Carcass (even going so far as to cover “Ruptured in Purulence” here) than anything even remotely contemporary, and it’s great to hear that early death grind sound being so well-represented.  Indeed, Eat Your Murder is a really fun listen and I look forward to both exploring Animals Killing People’s back catalog and seeing where they go next.

Italy has become a stronghold for brutal death metal in recent years thanks to the rise of bands such as Devangelic, Hour of Penance and Hideous Divinity, and the country is about to drop another ten ton hammer on the scene in the form of Posthuman Abomination, who will be releasing their debut album Transcending Embodiment on Comatose Music in early June.  Featuring members of the aforementioned Devangelic as well as Natrium and the underrated Vomit the Soul, these guys sound exactly how you’d expect them to, dark, ugly, technical and brutal all hell.

Comatose has released two teaser tracks from Transcending Embodiment in the form of “Systematic Ecophagy” and the title track, which can be heard below.  If they’re anything to go by, these guys might just set the bar for BDM for the remainder of 2018.

Japanese slam kings Gorevent have been pretty prolific over the past few years, having released two full-lengths and an EP, as well as participating in the Worldwide Slamicide split with Crepitation, Splattered and Stillbirth.  In the Face of… is their first release since the departure of longtime vocalist Haruka Kamiyama (also of Traumatomy and Medic Vomiting Pus), but in spite of the change in personnel, virtually nothing has changed about Gorevent’s musical approach.  The band still plays slam at its most stripped-down and simplistic, swathed in an utterly filthy production scheme.  If you’ve liked their prior releases, you’ll love this one and if you’re new to Gorevent, In the Face of… is as good a place as any to start digging into the discography of one of Japan’s finest.

If you’re anything like me, you’re bummed as hell that Mortician hasn’t put out a new album in almost a decade-and-a-half.  Thankfully, Australia’s Incinerated exists and they scratch that Mortician itch like a muthaf**ka on their second album, Lobotomise.  Incinerated have a human drummer, so they can’t quite do the light-speed blasting their heroes are known for, but otherwise they’ve damn near mastered the bare-bones, down-tuned brutality that Roger Beaujard and Will Rahmer made famous thousands of years ago.  If you’re a sick horror freak, you need this in your life pronto, and it’s available as a pay-what-you-want download via Bandcamp, so you’ve no excuse!

Where the hell have Gutrectomy been all my life?  I’m not sure if these guys are truly the be-all, end-all of the style, but Slampocalypse is definitely one of the better slam records I’ve heard in some time.  What separates these Germans from the pack is the songwriting; Gutrectomy manage to craft slam that is catchy, varied and dynamic, not an easy task when working with a subgenre that tends to have a pretty limited set of parameters.  Throughout Slampocalypse, the band kills it on all fronts from playing to production and really go out of their way to give each of the eleven tracks its own distinct character.  Bonus points for genius song titles such as “Fisted by T-Rex” “Kick Pregnants” and “Uterus Uppercut.”

By the time you read this, self-styled UK slam kings Ingested will likely have released their new album The Level Above Human.  Fortunately it’s coming out on Unique Leader records, so you’ll actually have a decent chance of finding it in US shops.  Ingested will likely veer a little too close to deathcore territory for some THKD readers, but longtime fans of the band will be getting exactly what’s expected if the two preview tracks “Invidious” and “Purveyors of Truth” are anything to go by.  You can check out both tracks via YouTube below.

Ohio Slamboys are a brutal slamming death metal band from Oh– wait a minute, just kidding they’re from France!  What in the blue hell France has to do with Ohio, I’ll probably never know, but I do know that Ohio Slamboys have released a short, sweet EP’s worth of traditional slam in the form of You Won’t Last Long in Ohio.  Fans of Gorevent, Soils of Fate and the like will definitely dig this one, as these guys are about as old school and unsophisticated (in a good way) as slam gets.  This quote from their Bandcamp page says it better than I ever could; “Highly recommended for lovers of bree bree, suee suee, ron ron, drums parts sounding like some fat machine gun, ultra guttural voices, redneck riff style!”

Last but most definitely not least, Spain’s MDMA have graced us with their debut full length Chemical Obliteration and it’s a skull-splitting slab of brutal death metal replete with gurgling “Predator vocals” ala the great Heinous Killings (it even includes a cover of “Asphyxiating Soil” from that band’s sole full length).  I need to spend more time with this, although suffice it to say I’m already quite smitten… the damn thing is just so relentlessly heavy and brutal that I can’t help but enjoy the living shit out of it.  If you’re a fan of toilet vox, slightly typewritery drums and over-the-top brutality, ignore the rest of the shit in this article and go buy Chemical Obliteration immediately.

That wraps it up for this edition of OOB.  Which of these bands do you like the best?  Do you have any brutal/technical/slam death metal recommendations for THKD and its readers?  Sound off below in the comments!


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