Has it really only been a month and a half since I last posted one of these?  That’s got to be a new record.  Whatever the case, we’ve got a lot of crucial slamz and mandatory brutality to cover this time around, from the nearby Bay Area all the way to the Land Down Under, so without further ado, let’s dig in…

It’s been six long years since Russian slam sensations Abominable Putridity pummeled us with any new material, so it was quite a surprise to see a new single from the band recently posted on Slam Worldwide’s YouTube channel.  Just as expected, “Supreme Void” brings the devastating heaviness that these guys are known for and American vocalist Matti Way (Cinerary, Liturgy A.D., Disgorge, Pathology, etc) continues to be one of the best that brutal death metal and slam have to offer.  While the song lacks the subtle melodic and technical flourishes that made 2012’s Anomalies of Artificial Origin such an outstanding piece of work, it does just enough to whet one’s appetite for the upcoming full-length, which will be out sometime in 2019 via Unique Leader.

Another band we haven’t heard from in quite some time is Decatur, IL’s Lividity, who just recently released their first full length in nine years, the absolutely crushing Perverseverance, via long-running Slovakian label Metal Age Productions.  Based on initial listens, it would appear that the band’s fifth album was worth the nine year wait, because it is arguably the best thing they’ve ever done.  The production and songwriting are both top-notch and Lividity have not shied away even one bit from the gloriously un-PC lyrical content they first made their name on over twenty years ago.  Although 2018 is almost over, this one still has potential to be a contender for brutal death metal album of the year.

Norwegian slam gods Kraanium suffered a horrific tragedy last year when founding vocalist Martin Funderud took his own life.  However the band, lead by Martin’s twin brother Mats Funderud, opted to soldier on with a new vocalist (Jack Christensen of Decay of Existence and Septic Congestion) and a new album Slamchosis.  While I’m not entirely sure about that album title, it cannot be denied that Kraanium haven’t missed a beat and the album is among the strongest of their career.  The album is out now via Comatose music and is highly recommended for fans of ice cold Scandinavian slam.

Up-and-coming Ukranian brutal death metal label Reality Fade Records, which brought us MDMA’s beyond awesome Chemical Obliteration album earlier this year, appears to have another winner on their hands with Realms of Abysmal Servitude, the debut full length from Australia’s Habitual Depravity.  Only two songs have been made available to date via Reality Fade’s Bandcamp page, but they’re both heavy and brutal as all get out, with just the right amount of tech-death flourish.  Indeed, if the two teaser tracks on offer are anything to go by, we’ve got a lot to look forward to when the full album drops on December 30th.

Last but certainly not least, Bay Area brutal death metal quintet Oblivion recently paid tribute to fallen Internal Bleeding drummer Bill Tolley with “Witnessing a Glorious Dawn,” the first single from their upcoming self-titled third album, out January 21st on Unique Leader.  As evidenced by the stream above, the track is one hell of a tribute to Tolley, a real life hero and pioneering death metal musician.


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