In an effort to look beyond the digital promo pile, I recently put out a call on social media for any bands or labels that were interested in coverage to get in touch.  I mostly heard crickets, but I was also lucky enough to hear from Whammer, a new “blackened crust grind” band from Colorado, who sound lean, mean and pissed the fuck off on the demo tracks they graciously sent me to check out.

“Left to Die” kicks off with a slithering, sludgy riff that wouldn’t be out of place on a Bongzilla album, but just as quickly Whammer warp that riff into a cyclone of blackened punk metal mayhem that’ll lodge itself in your skull and refuse to leave for days on end.  “Flesh is a Commodity” grooves and grinds with yet another catchy riff and some killer double bass work from the drummer before diving deep into gnarly sludge territory.  These two tracks pummel and punish, but they’re also catchy and fun to listen to, striking a great balance between brutality and memorability.

The band recently added another new song to their Soundcloud page, the highly topical “Muppets on a String” which is as good a musical antidote to Trump’s reign of terror as we’re likely to get until Mueller finally slaps cuffs on the giant cheeto and makes him perp walk out of the Whitehouse. And unlike certain other bands who address similar topics, Whammer can actually write a kick-ass riff.

The band recently announced that they’ll be putting out a demo through Bloody Scythe Records, but in the meantime these tracks are all available for streaming and I’ve embedded them below for your headbanging, Nazi-punching pleasure.

Check out Whammer on Soundcloud HERE and on Facebook HERE.

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