In just under fifteen years, Niigata City, Japan’s Gorevent have become the country’s preeminent purveyors of slamming brutal death metal. Their mission to distill the subgenre down to its purest form continues on their fourth album, In the Face of… and the result is one of their finest releases to date.

Indeed, Gorevent’s music is the epitome of minimalism; even by the often simplistic standards of slam, these guys seem to get more and more lizard-brained with every release. In the hands of less talented musicians, this extreme primitivism would quickly become monotonous, but Gorevent are experts at stringing together uncomplicated yet thoughtful slams that will quickly lodge themselves in your skull.

With regard to production, the quintet continues to utilize longtime engineer Tomoyuki Minagawa and although they also continue to regress musically, In the Face of… might just be Gorevent’s best-sounding album to date. There is a newfound level of clarity here that serves to emphasize the band’s penchant for bone-crushing heaviness and gives one an even greater appreciation for their superior slam-craft.

To be sure,  Gorevent’s austere approach to slamming brutal death metal is an acquired taste.  But those with an appreciation for the beauty of simplicity will find much to enjoy within the sludgy, grotesque confines of In the Face of…‘s all-too-brief run-time.


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