Split releases can be difficult to review due to the competitive vibe they give off.  Although it’s likely not the intention, it always feels like a battle between the bands involved.  Indeed, Onset of Horrendosity is a slamming brutal death metal death match between two up-and-coming acts, Fetor and Crepitation, and both are young, hungry contenders.  Which band will put the slam smackdown on the other and come out on top?

Poland’s Fetor kick things off with a studio recording of “Killing Her Softly” and follow it up with a live recording of… “Killing Her Softly.”  This song was already released as a digital single in 2018, so the one track they’ve served up here isn’t even exclusive to this release!  The thing saving Fetor’s side of this lopsided split is the fact that “Killing Her Softly” is a damn good slamming death metal song.  It’s catchy and heavy as hell, not to mention the fact that the production is totally crushing; you can’t ask for much more from the genre.

UK slammers Crepitation fare much better on their side of Onset of Horrendosity, unleashing three great tracks that appear to be exclusive to this release, at least for the time being.  They also win the award for best song title with “Antiques Chodeshow,” which is also an early contender for best song title of 2019.  These guys impressed with their 2015 full-length The Violence of the Slams, but these three songs are even better, showing improvements in both songwriting and production, effectively blowing Fetor out of the water in the process.

And like that, it’s over with Crepitation coming out victorious over a game but not quite up to par Fetor.  Had Fetor offered something beyond a single song (a live version of the same song doesn’t count), they definitely would’ve had more than a fighting chance, but as things stand, Crepitation dominates this short split release with a trio of tracks that crush the competition.


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