Born of an unholy union between members of Killgasm and Gloriam Draconis, Sacramento black/death warlords Defecrator have been pillaging their way across the California metal underground since 2014.  After nearly half a decade of existence, they have at last dropped the tactical nuke of an album that is Abortion of Humanity on the unsuspecting masses and make no mistake, this aggressive yet atmospheric slab of total annihilation was worth the wait and then some.

Defecrator’s music falls squarely in the bestial/war black death metal style, but on Abortion of Humanity, they do much to differentiate themselves from the hordes of Blasphemy and Archgoat clones that currently clog the scene.  First and foremost, the trio of Angel Raping Invoker of Bestial Chaos (guitar, vocals), Abhorrent Orgy Ejaculator of the Dead (bass, vocals) and Anti-Human Unholy Sexslayer of Hate (drums, vocals) bring a dynamic and thoughtful songwriting approach to the sacrificial altar that this raw and violent subgenre so often lacks.  Yes, they can blast and pummel with the best of them, but they’ve also taken time to make sure each song has its own unique identity within the context and flow of the album, and they aren’t afraid to let off the gas and allow said songs to breath.  The result is a set of tracks that are as memorable as they are punishing; standouts include “Confronting Choronzon” “Axiom Falxifer” “Thy Infernal Penance” and the epic title track.

From a pure performance perspective, Defecrator sound mean and hungry on their debut full length, attacking their instruments with reckless abandon, but never at the expense of precision and tightness.  It’s a joy to hear this trio of musicians pouring so much of themselves into their work, pushing each track to the limits of extremity while at the same time keeping things totally cohesive as a unit.  It’s an assault to the senses that’s somehow both highly disciplined and totally unhinged.

Abortion of Humanity possesses a clear and full-bodied, yet gnarly as all hell production scheme that serves to highlight the near-perfect balance of crushing heaviness and evil atmosphere that the band obviously worked so hard to achieve.  The album was engineered, produced, mixed and mastered by Patrick Hills, who’s been behind the boards for a who’s who of Northern California metal acts from Chrch to Xenotaph; no doubt this wide breadth of experience with many different styles of metal has allowed him to tailor the sound of Abortion of Humanity for maximum lethality.

Indeed, Defecrator have taken a metal subgenre that can often be monotonous and one-dimensional and turned it on its head with Abortion of Humanity.  The level of craftsmanship that oozes out of every nook and cranny of this eight song, thirty-five minute beast is off the goddamn charts and proves that bestial black death metal doesn’t have to consist of mind-numbing non-stop blasting or sound like it was recorded inside a garbage disposal during a tornado.  Simply put, this is one of the best extreme metal albums you’re going to hear in 2019; buy and die.

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