Followers of the mysterious Texan black metal cult known as Nyogthaeblisz have been anticipating their debut full length ever since it was first announced several years ago; it had gotten to the point where many were questioning whether or not it would ever see the light of day, especially given the lack of regular updates and the “controversy” that has swirled around the band in the intervening years.  But on December 27, 2019 the duo at last dropped the sickening slab of extreme noise terror that is Abrahamic Godhead Besieged by Adversarial Usurpation.

Hells Headbangers isn’t exactly known for releasing experimental music; their output tends to lean more towards the meat ‘n’ taters black/death/thrash end of the spectrum.  But make no mistake, Nyogthaeblisz’s approach to extreme music is anything but standard issue, often having as much in common with harsh noise/power electronics/death industrial as it does with black metal.  Where other bands push genre boundaries, Nyogthaeblisz drench genre boundaries in gasoline, set them ablaze and then drive a fucking tank over the charred remains.

Essentially, Abrahamic Godhead Besieged by Adversarial Usurpation is thirty-seven minutes of complete cacophony that never lets up; when Nyogthaeblisz aren’t filling your ears with an utterly corrosive mix of noise, distortion and samples, they’re bludgeoning you with a lo-fi black metal assault that makes Ildjarn sound inviting by comparison.  Hell, sometimes they do both at the same time, letting the album degenerate into pure, unbridled chaos without so much as a single thought put toward reining things back in and attempting to restore order.  Then again, it may not be possible to restore order where none ever existed to begin with.

The album was mastered by V.K. of New Zealand-based black/death bulldozers Vassafor for maximum violence; everything sounds pushed into the red in the tradition of harsh noise albums such as Merzbow’s classic ’90s releases (Venereology, Pulse Demon, Tauromachine, Hybrid Noisebloom, etc), crafting a total sonic attack that sounds like it could’ve come straight out of Project MKUltra with the intent to turn human brains into mush.  The sound field is transformed into a white-hot hellscape that’s designed to inflict as much pain as (in)humanly possible; the end result is somehow both utterly abrasive and strangely psychedelic.

Abrahamic Godhead Besieged by Adversarial Usurpation isn’t for the faint of heart; that might sound like a cliche, but this is one of the rare cases where the cliche rings true.  Those not versed in the ways of harsh noise and black metal at their most raw and violent are gonna want to throw this thing in the trash after about five seconds, but those that get it will revel in the hallucinatory, unholy filth of what is sure to go down as 2020’s nastiest, most mind-bending album.

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