THKD’s Top 100 Metal Albums #16: Danzig – Thrall-Demonsweatlive (Def American Recordings, 1993)

First thing’s first; yes, realize that Thrall-Demonsweatlive is an EP not an album.  But it deserves a place in the top one hundred because it marks the beginning of my life-long obsession with all things Danzig.  Like many Danzig fans in my age bracket, I was mesmerized by the video for “Mother ’93,” a clip mainly comprised of footage from the band’s legendary 1992 Halloween performance at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater; the image of Chuck Biscuits’ 15 foot high skull drum riser is permanently burned into my brain.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that “Mother” is a fantastic song, but combining it with the imagery of a rowdy-as-fuck live show took it to a whole other level.

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Are you tired of me talking about Danzig yet? Well, too bad!

I’ve had almost a week now to reflect on last Sunday’s Danzig show.  This was only my second time seeing my favorite musician in the universe after being a fan for twenty-five years (ok, third time if you count Samhain), so yes, it was a big fucking deal.  It might not have been quite as meaningful as the first time I saw him, but it was still pretty goddamn exhilarating to hear songs I’ve been listening to since junior high played live.

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YouTube Channel Madness!

I’m sure some of you have noticed that I’ve been doing less writing of late and focusing more on making YouTube videos.  I’ll get back to writing eventually, but I’ve decided that I need to challenge myself with a new medium, as well as expand the THKD empire beyond blogging.  It’s been a fun, refreshing change of pace and I hope you’ll come along on this journey with me while I try something new for a while.

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25 Years of Danzig III: How the Gods Kill

All of these album anniversaries are starting to make me feel old.  But with that said, I can think of few better to celebrate than the silver anniversary of what is arguably Danzig’s masterpiece, How The Gods Kill.  I can’t remember exactly what year I bought the album, but I do remember picking it up at one of the three record stores that populated the local shopping mall (ah, the good ol’ days), bringing it home and subsequently being blown away.  It immediately struck me as one of the deepest, darkest albums I’d ever heard up to that point in my life, and given that I was still an impressionable teenager, I’d like to think it was one of the key albums that helped to propel me down the path of heavy music.

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Misfits – Wasp Queens (Sonic Boom, 2017)

Given how revered the Glenn Danzig-lead incarnation of the Misfits is and how few people had the opportunity to see them in concert during their heyday, it seems more than a bit unusual that there is only one official live album from that era, the rough and ragged Evilive.  Thankfully, there are a ton of unofficial releases floating around out there, the latest of which is Wasp Queens, a full 1982 live set from NYC’s Irving Plaza with a radio interview from 1981 tacked on for good measure.

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