Your Friendly Reminder that Glenn Danzig is the OG of Dungeon Synth

One of the more interesting developments in the underground over the past half-decade or so is the renewed interest in dungeon synth.  This was no doubt brought on by the rise of Dutch practitioner Old Tower, who released the excellent Stellary Wisdom this year on Profound Lore, as well as the recent reissues of Mortiis’ early works, coupled with his recent tours focused strictly on this “era one” material as opposed to his current industrial rock/metal incarnation.

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Brighter Death Now – With Promises of Death (Familjegraven, 2014)

a0804934585_10At the end of 2014, I began to reacquaint myself with music outside of the metal spectrum.  I’d been pretty much completely immersed in the genre since starting THKD back in 2009, and it was time to change things up; variety being the spice of life ‘n’ shit.  At the forefront of this change in listening habits has been an unhealthy obsession with Brighter Death Now, the pioneering death industrial project of former Cold Meat Industry head honcho Roger Karmanik.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Karmanik released With Promises of Death, the first BDN full length in a number of years back in October of 2014 via his new label Familjegraven, and it is every bit the sickening listen fans have come to expect from him.

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Dark Rituals: A Psalm 88 roundup

0003364467_100It’s been a while since I’ve discovered anything particularly worthy of coverage via Bandcamp, but just when I was about to give up hope, I stumbled upon Psalm 88, a sub-label of Berkeley’s Acephale Winter Productions that’s dedicated to producing limited edition C20 cassettes featuring black metal’s rawest of the raw.  The fledgling venture has already cranked out four releases in just a year of existence, all available on tape or for pay-what-you-want download.  All four releases are well worth your time, and you guys know I’m not a fan of lengthy intros, so let’s dive right in.

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