Architectural Genocide – Cordyceptic Anthropomorph (Comatose Music, 2020)

What is Architectural Genocide?  Is it when someone decides to round up a bunch of architects and off them en masse?  Is it when a group of buildings becomes sentient and decides to wipe out another group of buildings for no apparent reason?  I don’t have a fucking clue, but I do know that Houston, TX death metallers Architectural Genocide have a wicked good debut on their hands in the form of Cordyceptic Anthropomorph (whew, what a mouthful!) which was released back in mid-March by that ever-reliable bastion of brutality known as Comatose Music.

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Oodles of Brutals XI: Only Built for Brutal Riffs

Hard to believe its been almost eight months since the last one of these roundups, but 2020 is finally starting to cough up some quality brutal death metal and slam, so you know what that means…

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THKD’s Top 100 Metal Albums #18: Demoncy – Joined in Darkness (Baphomet Records, 1999)

More so than just about any other metal album I’ve ever heard, Demoncy’s Joined in Darkness is about creating and sustaining an atmosphere.  The music is a trance-inducing hellish miasma of tremolo-picked riffage that seems to move at a snail’s pace; even the fast parts feel like they’re being played at half speed, making it the perfect album to listen to in the dark on a good pair of headphones, preferably while in a heavily altered state.

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THKD’s Top 100 Metal Albums #15: Cannibal Corpse – Tomb of the Mutilated (Metal Blade, 1992)

When you’re young and just starting to get into a specific style of music, you tend to start with the biggest, most well-known band in that style and work your way deeper and deeper underground from there.  When I was first getting into death metal, one of the gateway bands of the genre was Cannibal Corpse. I mean, they were in Ace Ventura for fuck’s sake; but even before that they were one of the most easily accessible death metal bands there was for a kid growing up in the bowels of the Midwest, their gruesome album covers leering at me from the stacks at Musicland and Disc Jockey, beckoning me to sample their disgusting delights.

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Abhorrency – Demo MMXX (self-released, 2020)

Sacramento’s bestial black/death masters Defecrator recently went on indefinite hiatus, but from their ashes an uglier, more barbaric entity has risen in the form of Abhorrency.  The band just posted their debut demo on Bandcamp earlier this month and rest assured it’s some seriously gnarly black shit.

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Gorevent – Fate (Comatose Music, 2020)

Japan’s Gorevent are the undisputed heavyweight champions of minimalist slam.  Over the course of a decade and a half, the band have successfully stripped the sub-subgenre of slamming brutal death metal down to its molten core; no technical flourishes, no guitar solos, no bullshit, just slam in its purest, grooviest form.  Fate is a testament to Gorevent’s continued dedication to keeping things as boneheaded as possible, and there ain’t a damn thing wrong with it.

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