Merzbow – Venereology reissue/remaster bonus tracks (Relapse Records, 2019)

A few years back, I wrote a piece about Release Entertainment, the long lost sub-label of Relapse Records dedicated to experimental sounds of all kinds, from dark ambient to noise to death industrial.  One of the the most extreme albums to come out under the Release banner was Merzbow’s Venereology, a salvo of pure, corrosive sound that would serve as a gateway for many metalheads (including yours truly) into the world of harsh noise.  I previously bemoaned the fact that Relapse seems to have no interest in preserving the legacy of Release Entertainment, but perhaps they’ve come to their senses at least somewhat, because in honor of Venereology‘s twenty-fifth anniversary, they’re giving the album a rather lavish-looking vinyl reissue, replete with remastered sound and re-touched artwork, as well as three previously unreleased bonus tracks.

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25 Years of Merzbow’s Venereology Micro Documentary

WARNING: This is not one of my usual videos of me sitting in front of the camera and talking. This is a 5 minute “micro documentary” celebrating twenty-five years of Merzbow’s harsh noise masterpiece, Venereology.

Listen and purchase:

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Nyogthaeblisz – “Ordnance for Adamic Holocaust and Cosmocidal Entropy”

Normally I’m not one to make a big deal out of teaser tracks, but for Texas-based black metallers Nyogthaeblisz, I’m more than willing to make an exception.  The band’s current label Hells Headbangers (who seem uh, hell-bent on on defying the metal PC police this year) recently premiered “Ordnance for Adamic Holocaust and Cosmocidal Entropy” from their long awaited debut full length Abrahamic Godhead Besieged by Adversarial Usurpation and from the sound of things, the album will be everything fans have been waiting for.

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Nyogthaeblisz – Apex Satanist (Iron Bonehead, 2016)

To say that Texas’ Nyogthaeblisz exists on the outermost fringes of black metal would be an understatement.  Their highly corrosive, blown-out sound has a lot more in common with an album like Venereology or Inner Mind Mystique than it does with Transilvanian Hunger. There very well might be something resembling traditional black metal lurking under the layers of distortion, but it is buried so deeply that it becomes something completely and utterly alien in Nyogthaeblisz’s hands.

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20 years of Masonna’s Inner Mind Mystique

MI0000109313A few years back, I wrote a piece about Relapse Records’ noise/ambient sub label Release Entertainment, which concurrently exposed me to a variety of experimental sounds as I was in the beginning stages of my deep dive into the worlds of death metal and grindcore.  One of the key albums in the Release catalog was Inner Mind Mystique, the seventh full length from Japanese noise provocateur Masonna (aka Yamazaki Maso).

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A few words on Dragged Into Sunlight and going to shows when you’re old.

It’s weird how going to shows changes as you advance in age.  In my late teens, I would walk two miles each way to Hairy Mary’s (RIP) for all ages matinee shows, so excited that bands like Vader, Spirit Caravan and Today is the Day were playing anywhere near me.  My lame broke ass didn’t have a car or any friends that were into underground metal (being shy and awkward and going to Catholic school for the entirety of your pre-college education will do that to you) so I hoofed it, and I thought it was the greatest thing in the world.  I would watch every single band, no matter how many were on the bill and my enthusiasm never wavered for the shows, even when the bands didn’t start on time, or when the bands sounded like complete shit, or when the bands didn’t show up.

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Bandcamp Band Crap #3: Back in Black


By some miracle, I’m actually managing to do one of these per month; I can only assume it has something to do with the sheer volume of quality music available on Bandcamp, because it isn’t like I’ve gotten any less lazy.  For those of you that might not have been too terribly keen on last month’s all-slamming edition of this here series, I think you might just find this one more to your liking.  This month sees Bandcamp Band Crap skewing back toward black metal and there are some real gems here that should please fans of all the genre’s wondrous guises.  So without further ado, let’s dig in.

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