Luck of the Corpse: THKD’s top 5 albums featuring actual cadavers on their covers

If there’s one thing Metal Twitter™®© is good for, it’s manufacturing non-controversies within the scene.  The latest of these flare-ups occurred when Philly-based death metallers Pissgrave unveiled the cover art for their new album Posthumous Humiliation, set to be released March 1st via Profound Lore.

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New Iron Maiden Song + Artwork!

This is the cover art for the new Iron Maiden album, The Final Frontier.  I’ve seen a lot of griping around  the net about it, but personally I think it’s pretty cool.  Reminds me of something out of an old horror/sci-fi  comic from the 1940s or 50s.  Face it folks, you’re not going to see a Derek Riggs Iron Maiden cover anytime soon.  You should all just be grateful it isn’t another Dance of Death.  Now that is a fucking terrible album cover.  It might be even worse than Slayer’s armless Mexican pirate cover for Christ Illusion.

As far as the new song “El Dorado”, which is available for free download on the band’s website, I’m on the fence.  It isn’t terrible by any means, but Bruce Dickinson’s vocals sound off, like they’re buried in the mix and he just isn’t allowed to shine like he should be.  His vocals have sounded great on all the recent live footage I’ve seen, so I can’t imagine it’s an issue with his pipes weakening with age.

You can check the song out here and decide for yourselves: