Prelude to Year End Madness: 5 Honorable Mentions

THKD’s year end extravaganza will be published on Monday, December 17th at midnight both here and over at the THKD YouTube channel.  But as a prelude to the madness that’s about to be unleashed, I’ve decided to list out five noteworthy albums that were just a hair shy of making the cut.  So without further ado and in no particular order…

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THKD 2018 playlist on Spotify

With 2018 beginning to wind down, I’ve started to reflect upon all the great releases I’ve enjoyed throughout the year.  This in turn lead me to compiling a massive playlist on Spotify; it’s about 99% metal, but there are also a few non-metal surprises lurking around in there.

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Morbid Philosophy: A Nuclear War Now! Productions Roundup

It’s only February, which means most labels are just starting to trickle out what will eventually become an unstoppable avalanche of new releases.  Not so for Nuclear War Now! Productions; the California-based label is in the process of unleashing a fifty megaton payload of heavy hitters that are poised to set the bar for underground black and death metal for the remainder of 2018.  Read on for THKD’s breakdown of this quartet of poser-slaughtering platters…

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A few words on Dragged Into Sunlight and going to shows when you’re old.

It’s weird how going to shows changes as you advance in age.  In my late teens, I would walk two miles each way to Hairy Mary’s (RIP) for all ages matinee shows, so excited that bands like Vader, Spirit Caravan and Today is the Day were playing anywhere near me.  My lame broke ass didn’t have a car or any friends that were into underground metal (being shy and awkward and going to Catholic school for the entirety of your pre-college education will do that to you) so I hoofed it, and I thought it was the greatest thing in the world.  I would watch every single band, no matter how many were on the bill and my enthusiasm never wavered for the shows, even when the bands didn’t start on time, or when the bands sounded like complete shit, or when the bands didn’t show up.

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