Luck of the Corpse: THKD’s top 5 albums featuring actual cadavers on their covers

If there’s one thing Metal Twitter™®© is good for, it’s manufacturing non-controversies within the scene.  The latest of these flare-ups occurred when Philly-based death metallers Pissgrave unveiled the cover art for their new album Posthumous Humiliation, set to be released March 1st via Profound Lore.

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Profound Death

ProfoundLore_Logo2015 has been a damn fine year for death metal so far, and it appears that Profound Lore is looking to up the ante with their most recent salvo of releases.  Indeed, the label has in its hot little hands a pair of debut full-lengths from two up-and-coming bands who’s respective takes on death metal couldn’t be more different if they tried, yet both strive for excellence in their own way.

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Pissgrave – s/t (Graceless Recordings, 2014)


Being filthy ain’t easy.  Most metal bands that attempt it usually just end up sounding incompetent and under-produced, or worse yet like they’re trying way too hard.  For Philadelphia’s Pissgrave, being filthy is as effortless as falling out of bed.  Their debut demo, which has been committed to tape by the mighty Graceless Recordings, is positively oozing with it; this is no mere affectation, this is who they are.

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